Running on Donations

Your contribution is needed!

The cost for running NYNYBIRD text alert system is going to be something like $19 per month during low season, and $99 dollar for the Peak Migration months. As this is the first year I am not sure what months will require the more expensive plan with TextMarks, but I am guessing that it will be one month in the Spring and one month in the Fall.

If you have enjoyed seeing the good birds your fellow birders have found and sent out alerts about, please make a donation so that this system can keep running.

Suggested donation is $10.


Why isn’t the bird alert system free?

1. The messages on the free version of TextMarks are not delivered to all carriers (T-mobile, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, etc). These carriers charge Textmarks 2 cents per messages, so the text alerts are only delivered with the paid plan. TextMark absorbs that fee for the paid plans.

2. The ad supported free version is also throttled at 3000 messages per month as is the least expensive paid plan, which is the plan I first upgraded to when I found out about the limitations of the free plan. NYNYBIRD’s 3000th message was sent out after only 2 weeks.

In fact, during the first few weeks of operation NYNYBIRD has delivered a whopping 10,000+ messages. The number of messages is calculated as the number of alerts sent (140+) multiplied by the number of subscribers (80).

I am hoping the cost for NYNYBIRD can be covered by donations. This has worked so far but new months keep coming and the bill with them. So what is needed now is that those of you who are enjoying the bird text alerts, please make a donation.

Thanks the people who have donated to me in person or done so by PayPal.

good birding and viva migration,



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